Sunday, November 18, 2007

Entry Tables

In addition to looking for an entry table for myself, I'm also looking for one for at least one client. I think this one (above) would be stunning for my space, but maybe a little to formal for my client's. This is the style of table I've had in mind for the last year or so. I may have to change my mind.... but maybe not. I haven't decided yet.

However, I've created a whole new set of circumstances in my foyer over the last week. I had a beautiful Brunschwig paper hung. It brings intensity and life to a previously overlooked space. I simply had not taken the time to address the frosty feeling that plain flat paint so often gives an entry. So here is a camera phone picture of the paper and the existing table. The existing table goes to Urbanaberry Farm, as decided months ago.
My major issue is that this paper could easily look very Victorian, except for the color. I really love it and I love what it does to our entry, except that I think the furniture and accessories we use here are going to have to be more fresh feeling with clean lines or an amazingly carved and gilded antique. Whatever it is, it needs to have some edginess to it in order to pull it off. I'm off to let my fingers do some searching....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Before and After

Here are before and after photos of a project we worked on last year. I finally got it photographed this month. My camera now comes with me on every job and every install.... a year is too long.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


We've changed our name. Everything remains the same, with the exception that our name now more accurately reflects the company and the kind of work we do. We'll be moving to new digs soon, but that won't effect the blog. By January 1 it will be a fresh new year & we'll have a fresh new start.