Friday, August 29, 2008

Get It Now

I'm always checking the latest catalogs for instant gratification items. I like to look each season and pick my favorite new things. Above is a stunning sofa from Horchow. Here are a few more of my latest picks:

It's not easy to find an umbrella stand that's not too over the top and can fit into just about any style decor. This one is available at Gump's.

Also available from Gump's is this high-style lazy susan. When was the last time you saw one that looked so good? Perfect for parties.

This giraffe print rug is a fresh take on the animal print. The brown and the blue colors can almost become neutrals. Get it at Horchow.

A very simple, chic light fixture from Pottery Barn.

Above: A classic settee from William Sonoma Home.

This rug looks almost antique- great color. Find it at Horchow.

Lastly, a zebra print pillow that will add a little zing to any decor- classic or contemporary. Find it at Gump's.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blackberry Farm: The FarmStead

The FarmStead at Blackberry Farm is a "new" barn that was relocated to the site. Blackberry had Suzanne Kasler design the space, which means it is likely the ultimate in luxury and comfort. I've said it before- Blackberry is one of my favorite get-aways. I can't wait for a chance to see the FarmStead. Photos courtesy of Southern Accents.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Beauty in Pairs

It doesn't take a designer to tell you the power of symmetry. Designing and styling in pairs has visual power. Most mantles and console tables are finished in pairs: pairs of lamps, pairs of flower pots, pairs of sconces. When you have the luxury of space, pairs are easy and they fit.

But what about a few circumstances where pairs are less expected and work surprisingly well? Above is an image I've shown you before. It's a beautiful dining room where you might expect to see a large painting or a series of formal prints. The unexpected pair of venetian glass mirrors is brilliant- they feel appropriate with the delicate nature of the wallpaper and not just one big mirror, but two small, round, feminine mirrors. How refreshing!

Above is a dining area with two lanterns instead of one. It looks like a difficult lighting problem that was solved very well with a pair.

This small New York City apartment is the perfect place to emphasize pairs. Small spaces work well with pairs. The chairs on either end of this arrangement are large, but the lucite tables that make up the cocktail table and the end tables on either side of the sofa are slightly smaller in size, which makes this layout work visually. Check out the over-scaled lamp- there is another one on the other side of the sofa. Great use of scale and pairs...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Kelly Wearstler for Groundworks

I think it was almost a year ago when I heard that one of my favorite designers, Kelly Wearstler, was going to be designing a line of fabrics for Lee Jofa/ Groundworks. I immediately asked to get on the sample book list (which, disappointingly, hasn't happened). When I saw the line on the web site I got busy ordering memos. I haven't seen them in person yet, but online they look great. In keeping with her style, there are a wide variety of textures that coordinate in color. Some have sheen and others have a slubby texture, but they look great together. A strong textural mix is a key to successful design.

Here are a few of the new fabrics. I'll report back again after I get my samples.

An Extended Hiatus

At first I think I just began "savoring summer" as my last post suggested. Then the flu hit and I've been trying to keep up with clients and make it through the day. I think I'm finally getting back on my feet. Look for more regular post from me from now on.......