Monday, February 23, 2009

OK I'm back now...

Thanks for sticking around while I took a much needed break from blogging. It's hard to do everything well, so I knew I needed that break to focus on clients and a few personal things.

It's a difficult time to blog about design and "things" but honestly, I think we all need a beauty and positivity at a time when it feels like the economy will never change for the better. I like to use times like these to become resourceful and inspired for the projects I will do in the future. And I do preach the idea of creating a plan to my clients, especially during times when we can't do everything we want to do right away. Knowing where you want to go and planning the details of getting there are important in creating a successful design. Keep on reading, looking, shopping, and planning. This too shall pass.

On another note, I'm sad that Domino Magazine is gone. First it was House & Garden several years ago... and those issues were automatically added to my Domino Magazine subscription. I do agree that there are many shelter magazines out there... but I liked Domino because it was chock full of ideas, regardless of the kind of story or the style of decorating.

So I'm back now and I'll bring you the best of what I see out there. Cheers!