Thursday, December 6, 2007

Beautiful Bamboo

Beautiful Bamboo. I love this motif because it can go in so many different directions and it is an absolute classic. A little bit of bamboo adds a certain amount of chic style without evoking anything too tropical. In my (imaginary to-date) product line I have a stunning set of outdoor bamboo motif furniture.... black lacquer? Ohhhhh, that might be nice. Above: a magazine stand. Photo courtesy of 1st Dibs.

Above: Charlotte Moss continually sets the standard. This time with a bamboo "breakfast in bed " tray along with flatware and china. Available through The Townhouse. Photo courtesy Charlotte Moss.

Above: A chair with a downright Giacometti feel, in the bamboo motif, of course. Photo courtesy 1st Dibs

Above: Bamboo Mirror Photo courtesy of 1st dibs.

Above: This piece is a restored antique with bamboo detailing on the front. Pure inspiration! I might paint the inside or back wall a contrasting color for added detail and fun. Photo courtesy 1st Dibs.


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