Friday, May 30, 2008

Decorating Mistakes

I only watch a few selected shows on HGTV.... the other night I couldn't sleep so I scanned through the guide for a few channels and found a show called "The 25 Biggest Decorating Mistakes". A lot of it is pretty basic and makes good sense, but number 1 really blew me away. Essentially, it was "don't use toilet rugs". I honestly didn't think toilet rugs were that popular, but if it made the top of the list, they must be. I'd have to say I completely agree with this one.

I haven't seen the whole show yet, but I'm going to add my own pet peeve to the list: wallpaper borders. I always feel that a wall should either be fully papered or fully painted- a wallpaper border looks like you either couldn't make up your mind or you ran out of money. Be definitive!

Check out the list of decorating mistakes on While they do point out real mistakes and they try to tell you how to avoid them, it's not easy. Lighting, scale, proportion and color are major elements that aren't easy to get right. Getting rid of that toilet rug, well, that's a quick simple fix and you better hop to it right now!! photo courtesy of