Monday, March 2, 2009

A Pair of Chairs

A pair of chairs is a classic design solution. Some of the most beautiful vignettes I have seen and created happen with a pair chairs. Aside from the obvious symmetry of a pair, I like the idea of just two. It seems to inspire conversation and intimacy, especially when the pair (people or chairs) aren't in front of a tv. The next time you're wondering what to do in front of the fireplace or in that empty corner of the room, or even in the entry way....think about a pair of chairs.

In the image at the top, the look is clean and crisp with a contemporary feel. A pair of chairs doesn't always have to be traditional or have a bold print. These are understated and very elegant.

Here are a few more examples of the elegant use of a pair of chairs:

Above: Suzanne Rheinstein makes a comfortable haven in front of the fireplace with these oversize chairs.

Above: Mary McDonald changes it up in this dramatic (and well publicized) entry hall. The bold color is great, and matching the chairs to the wall makes it work. Especially with the also dramatic zebra rug.

Here are a few chairs... food for thought. What would you do?

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