Friday, March 27, 2009

Design trend: Lime Washed Wood

I've noticed more and more lime washed furniture and flooring slipping into interiors these days. It's a very nice alternative to the heaviness of traditional stain as it adds a light, natural finish that exposes the wood grain. I've seen lime washes done many ways... it can be slick and highly polished for a more contemporary look, but the way I prefer a lime finish is with a little bit more patina and a touch of variation. I also think it's important to use it sparingly so that this finishes beauty has a chance to shine.

The bookcase above is from Horchow's new collection made entirely from reclaimed lumber. There are a few pieces in the collection that have the lime-washed look. I particularly liked this one. In the detail shot you can see how the beauty of the natural wood peeks through the wash to add depth and character.

Above: lime-washed flooring.

A few notes, especially if you're thinking of trying it yourself. Liming isn't as easy as it looks. And the type of wood you apply it to makes a big difference in the outcome of the process. Read up or hire a professional.