Monday, February 18, 2008

Picture Hanging

Picture Hanging

Picture hanging is always a challenge. Here are a few creative examples that will make you think before you eyeball that hook and hang with reckless abandon. I love the above example of hanging a group of pictures. It really illustrates to me the power of symmetry. Notice that the frames and the sizes don’t all match one another, but they are symmetrical to one another in the layout. It also helps that the beds and lamps are perfect reflections of each other.

This is a beautiful example of a modified academy style hanging. Most people would be reluctant to hang all of these paintings on the same wall thinking that they would detract from one another, but look at how well they work together and anchor the room. Designer: Mimi Williams photo courtesy of Veranda Magazine Nov 04

Above is a vignette done by Ralph Lauren with House Beautiful. I love the scale and proportion of the artwork in this image. The piece on the easel sitting on the tabletop is just as important as the image hanging. The layering is great.

I’ve looked at this photo multiple times. I love the idea that there is a painting hung in the middle of the mirror. I’d love to see the depth and space this creates in the room.

This image is a great example of using scale to create atmosphere. The triptych dominates the wall and becomes the headboard. Notice that it also extends well beyond the bed and fully behind each night stand.