Wednesday, February 20, 2008



Creative use of tile can make a bathroom or kitchen design. Today I’m looking at bathrooms and the particular tile work in these images is exquisite. Just about all of it is Ann Sacks Tile ingeniously put together in amazing designs. I’ll admit, none of it is inexpensive. That being said, it’s important to use some creativity when you design with tiles. Sometimes small changes with inexpensive tiles can make them look very high-end. In the meantime, we can dream. The above image shows Moroccan tile, which I typically think of in a more busy fashion. I liked that this has depth of color, but is only blue. I love what the tile shape does for a field of all of the same tile. Image courtesy Elle Décor

Wow. This is simply a work of art. Image courtesy House & Garden Magazine.

This image isn’t as easy to see, but the top half of this bathroom is designed with glass tile. If you look carefully, you can see that it looks like a forest. David Mann, Designer. Image courtesy House & Garden October 04.

This image is from House & Garden, October 04. I don’t have designer notes, but the tile in the right hand corner of this image caught my eye. I love the various textures and finishes in this bathroom. Also notice the tile design on the floor that runs from the door in front of the shower. That’s nice detail…

Lastly, this bathroom is a beautiful fresh mix of marble and tile. I really like the very long, horizontal tile emphasizing the verticallity of the tub and the shelving niche. A nice touch of color, but not too much. Makes you want to dive right in.