Friday, June 13, 2008

A Townhouse Visit

This was my second time seeing the Charlotte Moss Townhouse. I loved checking out how things had changed since my last trip in February. Some areas were totally different (and equally lovely) and others were the same. Lined bookshelves, accessories, and a whole new collection of papers. (See them in the lower left corner of the photo collection above) I enjoyed checking out the new merchandise and, as always, the books.

Some of my favorite things: the material sample boards elegantly framed- who wouldn't want to have these beauties in the house? Oh- and when we walked in the door, a lemon verbena candle was burning. I'm not a big candle person, but I walked straight to the cashier and asked her to pull one aside for me. They were sold out!!! (see, I'm not the only impulse buyer out there). Lucky me: my Mom ordered one online and included it in my birthday gift!!

I wish I could have taken my own pictures, but for understandable reasons they don't allow you to snap your own photos... and let's face it, you've seen all of the press photos by now anyway. The above pictures are courtesy of House Beautiful, who featured Charlotte Moss as the "Queen of Accessories". After spending what seemed like hours studying her shop, I wholeheartedly agree. Actually being in the rooms of the Townhouse you get a sense of what she does with scale and proportion. From the largest pieces to the accessories that are "little gems" she has a knack for layering and arranging. The day I was there, the room full of tabletop pieces had a table set with a giant centerpiece full of tightly packed pink carnations. I would never have picked carnations, but they were in tight bunches and there must have been hundreds of them. So simple and so genius.

Needless to say, Charlotte Moss & the Townhouse did not disappoint. If you can't make it to New York... well, you're missing out on something special, but you can always visit online.