Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Under the Table

I'm always the first to admit that a lot of what we see in magazines doesn't exist that way in real life. I have seen super talented stylists do amazing things to a room that you thought could never be published... but I've also seen the same "props" throughout an editorial spread- they travel from room to room! My point? Good styling can be the difference in creating a successful room. A lot of my potential clients come to me because "our home has never been quite the way we want it" and it boils down to the fact that there are no finishing touches. Great styling is not easy, although the best stylists make it look like "this suff just sort of fell together".

One of the often ignored opportunities for styling is under a console table or a desk without a chair. Even a nightstand. I don't believe in a lot of clutter, but some of these are just right. Above, the stack of books with the silver box on top brings a nice finishing touch.

Under this bedside table, Mary McDonald uses to large blue & white porcelain pieces to bring contrast to the orange wall and to add some scale and drama to this bedroom.

Here David Jimenez keeps a clean look and adds a practical leather tote underneath this nightstand.

I don't care if it doesn't fit under the table perfectly (um... it's not supposed to), an ottoman is always a winning choice. What about a pair of stools with a beautiful fabric upholstery on top? Wouldn't that be fun to have peeking out from under a table?

Another example of the ottoman tucked under a table that could easily double as a desk.

And lastly, Charlotte Moss tucks a well-proportioned basket under this nightstand.