Monday, March 10, 2008

A Touch of Black

A Touch of BlackMy Mom has always told me (well before I was old enough to figure it out on my own) that a touch of black in every room grounds it and helps to make it “complete”. I’m not just talking about contemporary spaces either. My experience to-date has proven my Mom’s theory, which I’m sure should actually be attributed to a world-renowned designer, I’m just not sure which one. Here are a few examples of how black can anchor a space… even with just a little touch. Above is a perfect example of how a nice little black night stand absolutely makes the setting.

Above: check out how the black coffee table grounds this otherwise light and colorful room in Florida. Notice the fireplace surround is also black.... Image courtesy of Traditional Home Oct 05

Above: Again, a black fireplace in one of Aerin Lauder's rooms adds just the right touch.

Above: This image is from a feature in House Beautiful about a guest house designed by Marshall Watson. The entire space feels like a jewel box. While it is mostly light and warm, there are a few touches of black to bring it all together.

Here is proof that it doesn't take much. Two candlesticks in the midst of a sea of blue and cool tones. A touch of black can make a room.