Monday, July 21, 2008

Savoring Summer

Image courtesy of Elle Decor

I'll admit it- we're in the dog days of summer and I'm already thinking about inside projects and things I want to accomplish in my house before Christmas, which seems to be a major deadline for so many interior design projects. But take a moment to enjoy the heat and the fact that you don't need to dress in 15 layers to stay warm... it's coming soon enough. For now, give that outdoor space a mid-season spruce up and invite some friends over.

I recommend Mario Batali's new book for some Italian goodness you can make on the grill.

Here are a few outdoor eating areas that may inspire you to design something special.

I love the painted floor and the crisp clean look that continues from the eating area to the seating area.

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

I love the trees... where are the rest of the leaves? Maybe this was shot in the early spring?

This one isn't exactly outside, but don't you want to go to this party?