Monday, July 14, 2008

The Settee'

The settee' is a really versatile piece of furniture. It's defined as a "long bench with a back and arms" but that can take so many forms. I kind of define it as a wing back chair, stretched. Some shapes are very traditional- such as the one below that has a gold leaf finish- and others are more modern with fully clean lines. Depending upon how you upholster or slip cover a settee', it can be casual or formal. I particularly like the use of the two small settee's to make a breakfast area in the Manhattan apartment. All images courtesy of Traditional Home and Hickory Chair.

Above: slip covered and used as comfy seating at this informal arrangement.

Above: A pair of settee's frame up this cozy breakfast area.

Above: A more traditional approach with carving and gold leafing packs a punch with colorful stripes. A nice mix of the formal and informal...

A few of my favorites from Hickory Chair:

The next time you're wondering "what could we use in this spot?", think of a settee'. I've seen them in entry ways and even on sun porches. Most of all, take your time to find the right one and make it your own.