Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We were in the city for all of 30 hours last week. A super quick trip- so fast that I didn't get to call anyone to tell them we were there or were coming. We spent one great day tooling around the city trying to pick up things we needed and see some inspiring things. Time was of the essence, so I knew that I could count on a trip to ABC on Broadway for some amazing merchandising and to see what's "new". It's funny, I went shopping for a project back in Columbus a few days later and the difference in merchandise, how it's displayed, and (of course) the price tag were all drastically different. This is why I go to New York....

Note: I'm not the greatest at taking stealth photos with my phone yet. Still a few blurry issues, but you get the idea.

This is an overall shot of the main floor of the store (we didn't have enough time to get to any other floors). You can get a good idea of the combination of natural elements, light, and an overall ethereal feel.

Lots of religious statues of all kinds. Most of them old or with a really cool patina to them. Lots of white and glass.

Blurry, but it has that other worldly feel....

This one is my favorite. This table top was stunning. Those vases in the middle are cast metal vases that look like tree branches. I was this close to buying one... or four. But I didn't. The crystals and rocks were everywhere- and they had them in all shapes and sizes. I might be kicking myself that I didn't buy a few... they're all so different that you really have to hand pick them too.

The above is a really bad photo of the elevator wall covered entirely with paper flowers (at least I think they were paper. I never did get that close to them).