Friday, September 5, 2008

Exceptional Accessorizing

I sometimes find myself in a pinch when I need something for a client right away and I can't wait the time that an order will take. I usually pick the same few local stores and I'm hard pressed to find anything that will work. I also try to avoid things that everyone has or can "identify" in a minute (as in, "Oh, I saw that at Pottery Barn last week").

Recently I was on one of those shopping trips and after I had exhausted the usual stops I decided to take a few minutes to stop into our local Arhaus store at Polaris. It's been almost a year since I had been in there, and on that visit I was literally followed by a sales person, so I left pretty quickly. I don't remember the place having any impact. This time was different. The merchandising and visual display in this particular store are GREAT. I asked the salesperson (who was close by, but not hovering) if it was a nationally mandated design or if it was done locally. She said they have a local person working on-site 5 days a week and that he designs and creates all of the vignettes. I wish I could have taken some pictures to show you.... This guy knows what he's doing. Overall I think the product seems decent, but I can't really say because I've only purchased a ginger jar. If you're nearby, check it out. I know I'll be going back soon. I might even have to introduce myself to this visual merchandising genius...