Friday, September 12, 2008

Yes. You should.

I recently read a monthly commentary by the editor of a popular shelter magazine that urged consumers to make their homes a priority, even in this uncertain economy. I thought about posting it, but I don't totally agree with it. Yes, your home is your sanctuary and it is important that it provide a safe, comfortable, and ideally, beautiful environment. This particular editor (who happens to put together a great magazine each month) made it sound like you should just "go for it" and deal with the credit card bills later. My approach is a little bit different. Now is the time to explore what you like, hire a professional, and begin to set the groundwork for a great design to take shape.

If you have the budget available, investing in your home can be a very wise choice. If your kitchen or bathrooms need to be updated, that should be number 1 on your list. Not only will you reap the benefits and enjoyment of a newly remodeled room, but those are dollars you will see again when you do decide to sell your home. Kitchens and baths are crucial selling points, so hire a designer and do them right.

While the kitchen and bath are major investments, you can make immediate changes without spending your entire salary. Again, hire a designer and invest in a design plan. If you know what you're working towards you can collaborate with your designer to accomplish the plan in stages. This way you don't pay for expensive mistakes or end up with a room full of things that really don't work together but cost you a pretty penny.

Overall, I do agree with the editor. Your home is your sanctuary and investing in your comfort and truly enjoying your life at home is important, especially when times are tough. Just do it wisely and perhaps with a little help from a pro. You can enjoy the transformation over time. In our overly technical world we expect instant gratification, but I think we appreciate things more when they develop beautifully over time.