Monday, April 7, 2008

Blue & White Bedrooms

Blue & White Bedrooms

The above bedroom by Charles Faudree epitomizes the soft sophistication you can achieve with blue and white. He uses multiple prints but tends to use the same one on more than one thing, which helps tie the look together. It may seem simple, but it's not as easy as it looks. (Neither is a monochromatic room, no matter what anyone tells you). This room has the characteristic French feel of Charles Faudree designs.... lots of fabric but still clean. I love that the canopy panels just hit the floor.

The room above has that beautiful shade of blue with a lot of red in it... it almost goes slightly purple. I love it. Again, the blue and white feels fresh and crisp and the multiple patterns work well together. I have to speak up here though, and I don't normally do this... I really want to ditch those lamps and anchor this room with a nice feeling nightstand and a substantial and appropriate lamp. My apologies to the designer/stylist.

This small view of a blue & white bedroom reminds me of a the apartment of a friend in New York. She had a small studio that felt so big because it was well done and simple. The blue & white here are anchored with dark wood and neutral/gold curtains and flooring. This room feels like New England to me....

Blue & white doesn't have to be traditional and buttoned up though. I love the drama of this bed. The lines are so beautiful and gracious and it's covered with a traditional toile.... but it says modern to me. Mix blue and white with your favorite non-traditional pieces... I bet you'll be surprised. Coming up soon: my favorite blue & white fabrics.