Friday, April 4, 2008

Blue & White

Blue & white as a color scheme is about as classic as you can get. No matter how it's combined or exactly the shades, it works and it feels fresh and crisp. I instantly think Ralph Lauren & Aerin Lauder. And while blue & white has never actually fallen out of style, I'd have to say I've seen more and more of it lately. Everywhere. In so many styles.

There is so much to show you that I'll begin with the place settings and transferware pieces that seem to inspire the color scheme. If you look for it, you won't believe how often you see it.

Above is an exquisite setting from William Yoward as seen at Charlotte Moss. (I did finally make it to New York and was blown away by the Charlotte Moss Townhouse... my detailed review is forthcoming).

Below are two sides of a well-stocked china cabinet featuring so many of the well-known brands of blue & white transferware. This year Ralph Lauren teamed up with Burleigh to produce a collection (I've only seen the pitcher) with a pattern similar to the pitcher on the top left of this image.

You may think that this blue & white transferware is too traditional. Or you may not want to purchase antiques. But wait... it can be so chic and so soft.

Check out what Barclay Butera did in his own home with blue & white. It reoccurs throughout in many dramatic ways. I believe I've shown you one of these images before, but it just fits here.

Blue & white doesn't have to be the central theme, although it can really rock when done with drama. If you prefer just a touch, check out the room below. There is blue & white porcelain in the fabric on the window and a few small pieces on the table below. Looks like a great spot to spend the afternoon.

Because blue & white has been such a predominant theme lately, I'll post again this week about another of my favorite uses of blue & white: the bedroom.