Monday, January 7, 2008

Accessories Make the Room

Accessorizing is an art. A keen, well-edited selection that packs a punch is a difficult task. Here are a few examples that I think are successful. Above: This image has stayed with me for a long time. I go back to this for inspiration when I get stuck. This is a table in Amy Perlin's home and I think it was done by Amy herself. As you might imagine, it consists of antiques that Amy sells at her Manhattan shop. I love the mix of proportions and textures. Image courtesy of House & Garden.

Above: This highly symmetrical design by Barclay Butera feels casual and elegant. I like the large scale of the urns and the lamps together. Very unexpected and successful. Image courtesy of Traditional Home.

Above: I happen to love this table and the mix of accessories on it. A little French, a little Asian, and even a few books. Image courtesy of Elle Decor.

Above: A classic chest accessorized with very classic, clean pieces. Notice the layers. Boxes in trays, multiple height candlesticks, artwork leaning on artwork. Where you would expect symmetry, you find a beautiful asymmetrical balance. Designer: David Jimenez. Image courtesy of House Beautiful.

Above: This table top shows an interesting mix of artwork, objects, and books. I like the use of easels for the artwork and the idea that the mirror is a back drop instead of a feature... the designer is not concerned with the need to keep the area in front of the mirror clear. As much as I like the tabletop, I would personally prefer a different mix of furniture. These pieces feel a little bit disconnected to me. They need to speak to each other a bit more without being to matchy-matchy. Image courtesy of House & Garden.