Monday, January 21, 2008

Outdoor Spaces

I have a no, nothing porch at the moment that each year has begged me to do something to make it shine. So far I haven’t raised a finger or made a single purchase, but this year I want to get the garden done and the porch will be a logical extension. Currently the temperature outside is 4 degrees. It’s supposed to hit a high of 13 degrees. Today is a good day to dream about what the outside could be. Here are a few things peaking my interest.

The above beautiful loggia photograph came from Décor Magazine. This is what I think of when I think of usable, beautiful outdoor space. I love the elegant use of fabric and lighting and the crisp, classic lines. Arched topped doors that are 10.5’ high (custom-made) add incredible height and verticality to the space. Notice the bench in place of chairs around the table on one side- doesn’t it feel nicer than all those “soldiers in a row”? What a refreshing change. It would be like sitting down to one elegant “picnic” table.

Above: I love the painted floor and the tongue and groove ceiling. The feeling of this porch/sun room reminds me of Cape Cod.

This is a simple, clean outdoor space. It looks like a perfect resting point in a busy day, doesn't it? Image courtesy Kelly Wearstler's Book "Modern Glamour"

I think what I love most about this porch is the mirror. It’s proportion and grandeur absolutely make the space.

This space has such a southern, refined feel to it. There is something about such lovely looking things outside that makes it feel like a true extension of your home.