Thursday, January 31, 2008

Details v.1

I recently wrote about nailhead trim, but what about other fun details? Detail is all about the way you put things together and the extra-added surprise of showing someone in the room for the first time a little something that they didn’t expect. Details can be anything from architectural details to accessories, but they’re important to making a room look and feel finished and warm. Creative applications of detail are great, but remember, when you do something unusual or over-the-top you must do it well. Don’t skimp or stop short. Get the best and do it right- suddenly you’ll find it will make the room. Detail is a vast subject to cover, so I’ll get started with the images below and try to post something about detail at least once a month.

You may look at the above image from a room in D├ęcor Magazine from 2004 and think, “that’s not my style” but you can learn a lot about details from this room. The overall feel is warm and finished. This designer, whose name I cannot find, had the presence of mind to think about details. Notice the nailhead trim on the chair. The contrast cording on the sofa cusion… the braid or ribbon on the leading edge of the drapery.. and of course, the pom-pom fringe on the pillows. I would have given the table a bigger, more weighty lamp, but then again, it’s hard to judge proportion when you only have one shot of the room.

This simple little tile detail around a fairly standard looking doorbell creates detail before you even walk in the door. Image from Kelly Wearstler's "Modern Glamour".

Trim is an easy way to infuse detail into a room. I love using trim in unexpected ways or in luxurious combinations. I figure, as long as your buying trim, get the good stuff and go for it. Tres McKinney designer. Image courtesy Traditional Home Magazine.

This is a wonderful space between a walk-in closet and a large master bath that we designed for a client several years ago. Custom details include the lampshades, the trim and the amazing assortment of antique silver jars that line the decorative table top. Design by Jenny Bova Associates